Provide church leaders with powerful Bible based sermons and videos
that are relevant for these prophesied “last days” to equip the
church to face tribulation and complete the last commission.


Our Mission is stated on the Entry Page of this website.

We aim to assist pastors/leaders to be Bereans, to discern the times we are in, particularly concerning the church and Biblical prophecy.

Peter said, “we were eye witnesses to the events of Jesus day, and yet he said, even more important, we have prophecy (2 Peter 1:16,21). We must not forget, that despite the many prophecies of Jesus, birth, life, death and resurrection the Pharisees and Sadducee’s did not get it. Moreover, there are more prophecies concerning Jesus second coming than His first, will the Church get it right this time? It is our passion, to ensure we do.

    1. Sermons and videos must be based on the inerrant Scriptures, and timely for these “last days”.
    2. We also want to connect pastors/leaders with relevant/approved parachurch organisations that can assist them in making disciples to complete the Great Commission.
    3. We would also like to play a role in connecting like-minded pastors in the Spirit of John 17 unity.